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Original single Released 22 years later

Aire and Calder- Press Release

Finally it's here. The single that was due to be released in 1999 before the band unwisely split up. The song that may well have spiralled up the charts and confirmed the status of the band as living legends, or more likely a few collectors would have bought to complete their collection. They had even done a video with legendary director Gerald McMorrow ("I'll Show You Mine" and Catatonia's "Road Rage" amongst many others) which has been unearthed after 20 years. One Little Independent now presents to you the song and the video, remastered and spruced up for the new millennium for your ears and eyes to hear and see. Be enthralled. Be entertained. Be excited. They're back


There's also going to be loads of merchandise coming up including t-shirts, totes, mugs, beanies, badges and stickers to commemorate the reissue of Everything Picture.

All merchandise will be available from Bandcamp and at gigs. More details to follow.

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