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Everything Picture Memories -Tiny Wood

I remember banoffee pie fights, exploding cans, late night drives, hiring a bouncy castle, hiding from Robert Wyatt, two days spent trying to approximate an orchestra of mandolins, smashed shot glasses, pork in cider, squirming from kicks, staying up all night fuelled by coke and marijuana to paint the cover. Fleeting moments in a stressful time filled with madness and boredom, where everyone was avoiding each other in the same house in the country whilst trying to record an album and keep the belief in it at the same time. It was hard but nowhere near as hard as a real job. When we finished it we were all briefly proud of it, and ourselves for having achieved it.

Over the years this pride crumbled into an almost embarrassed apology and only recently I have come to the realisation that what we achieved was as momentous as people are saying and I am once again extremely proud to be standing at the crest of a new box set release which, with the inclusion of all the tracks we wrote and recorded at the time, is now what it was truly meant to Everything Picture.

Everything Picture box set Reissue is released on Friday September 24

To Order your copy use either of these links

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