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First play for Real Britannia!

First chance to hear a track from the brand new album 'Real Britannia' !

See the promo video for 'God's Gift'

God's Gift

We feel the need before we come to the dance

We come in peace, we fall to pieces

We smash and grab and then we smoke some fags and leave

Our call to arms is largely disregarded

'Tis the season for high treason

And in the midst of all the hype we still believed

I'm Don Quixote in a fetching onesie

Turning tables, burning stables

I'm down amongst the dossers, king of all I see

Oh feel the need, feel the burn as I bleed

My one desire, to fan the flames of me

Me, and nothing else but me

God's gift, a high plains drifter comes to town

He brings a saintly sickness and we all fall down

High five, we stand in line and we praise his frame

Lockjaw, our throats are sore so we scream his name

As I stride this lonely stage

Bleeding from my swollen rage

This queasy crown, we all fall down

I can't do this alone

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