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NEW ALBUM: "Real Britannia" out in December

The third album is coming in December!

The truth – unedited, unmasked

2015 - We all stand facing inwards, cold, the room is vaguely workable, plug sockets hanging from the wall, doors with locks that may or may not work, dim lighting, giving a retro feel no-one wants to revisit.
Richard has had his Binson refurbished and is making the most incredible sounds, like Dave Gilmour grappling with Neil Young whilst drowning in a gaggle of plump breasted women. Bob scuttles in and seems to have a pop up keyboard corner, it appears by magic and in slides a slab of submarine synth, stood firmly on the combine harvester organ grind reaching to middle earth. Bruce grins, his eyes spin, he shape shifts and offers the first pulse of the day. Vanessa arranges her stones, quartz to balance the room, and brings a loopy groove, Tiny waits on a rug of words, scattered, smoking, filling up on polychromes before slicing in with his own version of guitar playing. The room no longer feels shit, we are alive, connected and one. From “Blue Remembered Hills” to “Soul Girl” and “No Mans Land” an incredible new library of music is birthed from Ultrasound, the seed of Mother Universe channeled through 5 people struggling with life on earth.

So roll forward, it’s 2016 and we emerge with a hangover from meeting so many people who talk about helping but end up being “just a long chain of meetings” where we do it in the end anyway. We just wanted to record, make the songs breathe, so that’s what we decided to do, just that!

A couple of rock and roll Doctors (medical ones), Pev, Nicki and their friends got involved and started buying us the studio gear we needed to make the record. With tape machine installed and a few decent microphones we were nearly up and running. Actually, when a vinyl obsessed Doctor deposits cash into your account and Alex, who owns the studio in Yorkshire, drives a 5 day round trip to Croatia to get it, you know you are a making rock and roll history right there and then. Is there not something poetic, cosmic and obvious about the National Health Service staff funding new music? By a band called Ultrasound. I’m just saying................

So the CAC (Classic Album Club), our collection of Doctors and Anaesthetists, now have a label and our album will be their second release. We are excellent at making music, recording music, music, but then it turns out you have to have a “platform”, apps, graphic design, post stuff, a mailing list and a tenacious thumb for second guessing algorithmic mentalism in the iPhone. Pledge became our safety harness to make this real or at least real beyond our four walls. All new, fresh, a return to, being, process, experience, kindness and deep vibration.

This album flowed out of us in many different ways, it’s a collaboration and a collision. Tiny is steeped in nostalgia, Richard and Vanessa want to go to space and Bruce wonders what its all for. We are in love, a family, a band and what we create together is beyond the sum of the parts, properly cosmic and utterly glorious.

People come and go, fashions change, band members change, band supporters change, how we share and buy music changes but at the core is a human need to connect, a life’s work to find the truth, get close to God, the source, find meaning, send out ripples into space, experience belonging and love. That never changes!


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