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Backstage with Utrasound

Backstage at Oxford with the band in fine form

Ultrasound have been productive again for some time now and “Play For Today” is Ultrasound at their finest, marrying their trademark epic songs with a sense of reality, modern life and kitchen sink dramas. A bunch of UK tours, a sell out at Scala and a stint in Northern Europe supporting the Darkness, finished their touring schedule to write and record the third album.

They are currently working on recording their third album.

In the meantime they have produced a single especially for the Christmas period, if you will. The name of this song is “Modranicht” which comes from the Anglo Saxon for “Mother’s Night”, a pre-Christian winter solstice celebration of motherhood, survival, the ghosts of the dead and the continuation of life. It is a statement about the true meaning of ‘Christmas’.

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