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Real Britannia Lyrics



Pack your bags, put on those rags

Leave everyone behind

Your golden age is over now

It's just a state of mind

Batten down the hatches

There's a twister on the way

That gathers all your hopes and dreams

And breaks them on the waves


I'll never go home again

They won't find me

Hiding in the shadows


The prodigal son killed his virtual Mum

And he sashayed down the hall

His earrings swung to the beat of the young

And his high heels paced the floor

Haunted by the child, the dresses that you dared to wear

Haunted by the knowledge that's what makes the child a man

God's Gift


We feel the need before we come to the dance

We come in peace, we fall to pieces

We smash and grab and then we smoke some fags and leave

Our call to arms is largely disregarded

'Tis the season for high treason

And in the midst of all the hype we still believed


I'm Don Quixote in a fetching onesie

Turning tables, burning stables

I'm down amongst the dossers, king of all I see

Oh feel the need, feel the burn as I bleed

My one desire, to fan the flames of me

Me, and nothing else but me


God's gift, a high plains drifter comes to town

He brings a saintly sickness and we all fall down

High five, we stand in line and we praise his frame

Lockjaw, our throats are sore so we scream his name


As I stride this lonely stage

Bleeding from my swollen rage

This queasy crown, we all fall down

I can't do this alone

Soul Girl


Flying Fields, a sight for vital me and I'm

Tomorrows girl, I mustn't watch TV.

Why don't you walk on by and see the city stink, 

'Cos it is pointing down where all the people drink.


No-one's home so will you walk on by,

This is tomorrows world, the custard soul and tie,

Just give me 16 dogs and I'll live by the sea,

The man with teenage eyes, will fall in love with me.

Save My Soul


Falling sideways in another life, I want to

Wash the world, be seen and heard.

You know sore eyes still see, the love you have for me,

Religious castles fake fear of the needs we need.

Save My Soul

No Man's Land


Us boys are free to graze our knees

We live to fight the foe

With British bulldog balls we make a stand

We play the game with dirt-streaked frames

Our enemies will know

We're here to play a game called no man's land


Brothers-in-arms we fight to save our lives

Every morn from nine till four

Crying war

With drums and knives we pack our troubles

In our old kit bag and smile

Boy to man

We crawl through fences into no man's land


Us men are here to follow fear

We're made to fight the foe

With British bulldog balls we make our stand

We go to war with nothing more

Than what we have to show

We've come to play a game called no man's land


Brothers-in-arms we fight to save our lives

Every morn we heed the call

Crying war

With drums and knives we pack our troubles

In our old kit bag and smile

Man to boy

We break the fences down



Everybody's got an axe to grind in my town

They'll steal the light out of your eyes if you let them

So I just put my headphones on

Surrender to the song



Home is like a warzone, they don't want me

Work is only worth the leisure it affords me

That's the kind of poverty

The middle class boys feel



When I bow beneath the force imposed upon me

Feel like a dead man dragging his corpse behind him

Between the rhythm and the blues

The needle and the groove


Blue Remembered Hills


Please won’t you bleed for me


Oh please

I feel like a boy band feels


As crippled as Mel C’s Tears

Chauffeur me

Cradle me

Mum and Dad

Save us from the secrets of love


Part 2: Home time


Home time

Shorts and scuffs and beans for tea

Welcome home you silly thing

I’ll put the kettle on

Down here

Nestled in the family tree

Waiting for the shifting sands

The land of make believe


Bells ring us out and back in again

Gently now in the night time

Wear your nice thick coat in the cold and rain

Wear you armour inside out (now)


Can’t wait

Hope this year it snows again

Christmas time is here at last

Give me presents now

Hells bells

Ring out for the jilted sons

Those abandoned by their dads

On this Christmas day


Part 3: Cuckoo


My Daddy had a nervous breakdown

Living down South in a boarded up bungalow

My Daddy went home and he never came back

To the family were the heart is meant to be

At sea

I guess he never liked me


I’m just a big fat cuckoo

Living up North in the never never never land

Snakes in the grass with a cap in my bloody right hand

For the family where the heart is meant to be

At sea

I guess they never liked me


I’m just a waste of space

Listen to the old psychological shakedown

Gone to a new home, gone and they’re never coming back

To the family where the heart is meant to be

Gone to sea

I guess they never liked me


Eyes that see stars

Say that’s too far

Broke backs breed scars

Scars leave their marks


 Part 4: Mummy’s boy


Days of good intentions don’t last long

Days of separation make you stronger

Times like these I wished I was a girl

I’m lost in the queue

And you are too


The laughs behind the backs of fat boys hurt

But funny when you know they wear your skirts down

Oh the perverts cry to be their Mums

I’m lost in the swirl

Of my imaginary world

Sometimes here

Sometimes there

Sometimes flying in mid air

And it’s only naïve fun when the dress is covering your son

Like a Mummy’s boy


Part 5: Come Unto Me


I knew a girl she was as sweet as can be

But when she showed it to me

I didn’t know how to let go

She pulled my head down to her parting and said

I’ll teach you how to give head

I didn’t have a fucking clue though

She fished a spoon up from a hole in her tights

And offered me the first bite

And I said Oh no

She hunched her skirt down to her ankles and said

Well here be dragons my friend

So drink deep


Down into the dell

Where lonely children cry at night

Dampens down your dog days

Spinning songs to give you light

Here come the kings of the pubescent kids

They’re singing come come come unto me


My sister’s shoes smelt fusty and used

And then she got me confused

With all her distant pleasure

She lit a pipe and then she gave it to me

She says it comes in handy

In finding old mans treasure

Here comes your Uncle he’s a wheeze chested man

With eyes the colour of phlegm

And he says I love you love me

He goes down then he comes back again

You feel his breath on your skin

He’s breathing yes yes yes yes


Here come the stars and they know who you are

They sing of sex in their cars

And fucking with their guitars

And at the time you were naïve and blind

And they were so unrefined

That they would take what’s offered

And those who thought they were innocent times

Nostalgia made them go blind

For all those modern lovers

And now we view the world of top of the pops

As something falling like rocks

On Savile’s shit stained covers


 Part 6: Real Britannia


So Britannia’s a lush

Drinking all of that stuff

Staring over the sea

Welcome sailors for tea


I don’t mind if you’re poor

Huddled masses for sure

Come one and come all

Come along to the ball


Take this middle class boy

Find me a new kind of joy


Don’t be angry with me

I’m a mirror you see

If I’m a turn on to you

Well I fancy me too


‘Cos despite all the harm

Hands have done to this charm

I don’t blame all the wrong

I’m alive and I’m strong


Scream sweet nothing’s to me

Scream like the wind to a tree


(ii): Past present


The endless sun

Cross country runs

The glam rock beat

The 3 day week

The waist high grass

The P.E. class

The Oxford bags

The woodbine fags


The past is a shining sea that’s drowning me

So I get my kicks from those who fall like me

Into the deep blue


The dentists drill

The panty thrill

The Cub Scout pledge

To do my best

The asphalt graze

Those lazy days

The pencil case

We’re lost in space


The past is an endless dream of troubled seas

So I, I’ve always been kind to those who dream like me

Nostalgia hooks us


Pilsbury dough boy

Plays with my toys

Action man

The kicked tin can

The tiny tears

Derailleur gears

The airfix plane

The Hornby train


 The past is a part of me, informs these words

So come follow the paths you fear to tread

That leads to blue remembered hillsilH

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